Power and Control Wheel

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Created by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, Minnesota.

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Why They Stay

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FEAR. Many are afraid of being hurt, abondoned, alone, and many were afraid to leave. Many victims of abuse have been told if they do leave they or someone that they love will be killed. MISCONCEPTIONS. They think they deserve the abuse. They think they can change the person. They think they are in love. […]

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Early Warning Signs

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EXTREME JEALOUSY Everyone gets jealous sometimes; the key word is “extreme.” Both males and females can become extremely jealous. Signs of extreme jealousy are when your partner gets mad when you talk to other people, have close friends, or express warm feelings for anyone else. The jealous person may withdraw, sulk, or become angry and […]

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Write to the Women of CWAA

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The Convicted Women Against Abuse need your support, encouragement and words of inspiration after hearing their stories in Sin by Silence.  Also, if you are able to, include some stamps in your letter and make sure to write “stamps enclosed” on the envelope.  Most inmates only make 10 cents per hour at their jobs, so stamps are greatly […]

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5 Way to Help a Convicted Survivor

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1.  BECOME A PEN PAL WITH SURVIVORS IN PRISON Write to the women of Convicted Women Against Abuse, as well, other incarcerated survivors.  Many are open to hearing from you!  They need our support and encourage and words of inspiration after hearing their stories in Sin by Silence.  Click here to find the names and […]

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10 Ways to Help a Friend

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#1 SPEAK:  “I’m really worried about you.” The simplest solution to domestic violence is not being silent.  Don’t be afraid to let your friend know that you are concerned for their safety.  Don’t get discouraged if they refuse or ignore your concerns.  Help your friend talk about the violence they are experiencing.  Voicing your concerns […]

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