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May 18th marked the 20th anniversary for the Convicted  Women Against Abuse group that is featured in Sin by Silence.  It was so exciting to be able to be a part of the banquet that evening at the prison to celebrate the accomplishments of these courageous women.  As I was called up to share, I was brought to tears as I tried to describe the excitement that is happening at each and  every screening of the film.  I was able to talk about a few surreal moments and stories, but was wishing the women truly could experience the joy of hearing people’s reactions and the tears on their faces as they watch the film.  I wished they could feel the excitement as people stay for hours afterward to discuss ways we can all make a difference.  I tried my best that night, but knew that I wasn’t doing justice to what is really happening for Sin by Silence.

Yet, the real excitement for me was being able to attend the banquet with Brenda Clubine – who founded CWAA and is featured in the film.  Just last summer we were at the prison interviewing and filming her, and then in October I was able to be there as she was released from prison after 26 years behind bars.  Brenda had an amazing team of lawyers and advocates that work with the group Free Battered Women to help her finally be able to experience freedom; and those first few days I spent with Brenda I will never forget.  She was able to see the ocean for the first time, savor food she’s only been able to read about in magazines, be excited to sit in traffic, learn how to use a cell phone, and finally be able to hold her son in her arms for the first time since her incarceration.

As Brenda got up to speak at the CWAA banquet, and share with her fellow sisters what freedom is truly like, I was once again reminded of the dynamics of Sin by Silence. This is more than just a film!  It’s an opportunity to come together and help be a voice for the voiceless!  It’s an opportunity to give hope to women who have been forgotten behind prison walls. It’s an opportunity to help mend the dreadful memories of the past and be a part of a promising future.

By being part of the Sin by Silence network, you are helping many women just like Brenda. We are honored to have the opportunity for her to be part of the team as we continue to tour with our message and film. She provides a rare opportunity of bringing the stories of CWAA to life for our audiences.  Yet, I am humbly reminded of the many women whom I sat amongst at the CWAA banquet. I am also reminded of the importance of the work we have ahead of us to bring the message of our film and cause even further.

The CWAA women are the ultimate survivors of abusive relationships; and their voices can only be heard through Sin by Silence. Yet, their voices are important for they represent the countless women who do not survivor the dangerous relationships of domestic violence. What an amazing opportunity we have to learn from them in helping to create new advocates of change.

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