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Stay up to date with all the action surrounding The Sin by Silence Bill – AB 593.

Visit the site at, gain more information and help spread the word.

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  1. Sandra White says:

    I was abused my entire life in the 1960. I was abused by my boyfriend and I got away. I was very careful about who I let in my life for many years. When I married my husband lost his temper and knocked me to the ground and kicked me when I was a nursing Mother…..I ran and returned home….my Grandmother said,”You made your bed now YOU lie in it.” So, I returned. He also manipulated me and my family. Finally when He all most killed me, my family accepted me home again to build a new life. And I did. This Abuser spent his life an alcoholic and never faced his anger or his alcoholism ever. His Mother kept enabling him and took his abuse, until the last year of her life and I walked in and saved her. I realized if Ihad stayed with him …..He would have killed me or I would have killed him. “Violence does not stop…. it get’s worse with every episode and if there is no effective intervention for the abuser…murder is inevitable.” These are the words of America’s Leading Expert on The Battered Woman’s Syndrome….she organized the Congressional Hearings that allowed “Battering ” to be allowed as a legal argument. Eventhough, we have women in prison with life sentences and often the BWS Defense is badly used in court and witnessess and evidence are also squashed. Our Criminal Justice System is in bad shape and very unjust for woman. Governor Jerry Brown keeps saying we need Criminal Justice Reform.

  2. Sandra says:

    Martin Luther King Jr and Congresswoman Corrine Brown are Marching May 29 to protest the 20 year sentence of battered Mother with a 9 day old baby for firing a warning shot to stop her abuser. The Prosecutor felt she had endangered the children so they gave her 20 years. Now the abusive Father with a long history of violence has custody of the children. Obama will be contacted now. Marrisa was denied The Stand Your Ground Defense and it was specifically created to assist abused women-mothers. I asked 350,000 women to contact the First Ladies on Mothers Day. Women from the Congo, Nigeria, and the Middle East responded, too. You girls are known about there, too.
    I am asking for the reviews of cases backlogged in the USA Justice Department and appoint ex Gov Arnold S to head a Special Task Force to begin releases. I sent a 14 page report to the Senate Judiciary Committee on How the Lack of Understanding of the Battered Woman’s Syndrome and Defense By The Criminal Justice System Has Failed Battered Mothers In America. I am asking money to review cases for Judicial Accountability for Judges who do/did not comply with the Battered Women’s Defense. Do you know it can be part of public disclosure about Judges rulings and a State Agency for Judicial Ratings? The Judge who made the proof of sexual abuse of two little girls and then placed them in the environment with the sexual perp got the lowest rating in the USA.
    (I am asking for the same for the Board of Prison Terms-I just filled out my application and resume for a postition again for the 23rd year. Ha!).
    I feel, it will take the Churches to Stop the Incarceration of Battered Mothers. I am showing Sin By Silence here in California and sent flyers to many Christian Orgs and Churches for support.
    I am training Judges and Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys since, they blunder cases. The lack of understanding of the Battered Woman’s Syndrome and Defense and the traumatic effects of battering, racial and gender bias is also huge causes.
    I’ve been in contact with Congresswomen Brown from Florida and the Gov of Florida. I referred them to this website and order Sin By Silence doc and view the Bills. As well as to contact Lenore Walker’s University in Florida. She is America’s Leading Expert on the Battered Woman and created the expert witness program.
    Sin By Silence Bills in CA….are doing great. AB593 and AB1593 are going through the Assembly. I am asking for more legislation to change the Board of Prison Terms. As you know we keep legislating and legislating and then the Board of Prison Terms will not bend.

    Many Blessings,

    Sandra White The Journey of Compassion

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