Be in Our Next Sin by Silence Bill Video

Mar 20th, 2012 In: Latest News & Updates Legislation By: Comments 1

Be in our next video with Brenda Clubine!

Send in pictures of you and your friends holding signs of why you support the Sin by Silence Bill.

  • To make our future brighter
  • To help bring voice to the voiceless
  • An opportunity to make a difference
  • To help women trapped behind bars for defending their lives

Post your photos on our Facebook fanpage, or email them to, and let your message be heard!

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  1. Kathleen Crabtree says:

    Today I saw Sin by Silence on ID, I was so moved by the film that I felt compelled to send a comment. My heart breaks at the continued injustice and pray that it will change SOON. My prayers will be with all of you from this day on, and for my part, I will be active in support of women and children caught in this terror. I live in Michigan and run an Assisted Living home for the elderly and am now wondering if there is some way we could offer support or alternatives to women and children in our area. Maybe this is a direction God is moving us in.
    My love and prayers to all,

    Kathleen Crabtree

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