Why They Stay

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  1. FEAR. Many are afraid of being hurt, abondoned, alone, and many were afraid to leave. Many victims of abuse have been told if they do leave they or someone that they love will be killed.
  2. MISCONCEPTIONS. They think they deserve the abuse. They think they can change the person. They think they are in love. They do not realize they are being abused.
  3. LACK OF SERVICES. They have nowhere else to go. They have no idea how to leave.
  4. LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Most violent relationships begin with verbal abuse. They have been told they are ugly, fat, dumb, a whore, etc. and begin to believe the constant repetition of insults.
  5. LACK OF CONTROL. Feel trapped. Often the abuser will control the bank account or not allow the victim a cell phone to call family or friends.

– National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

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