Only Four Years Ago I Was Still in Prison

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“The journey to see the Sin By Silence Bills become law and set precedence is more than progressive, it’s about righting the injustice of the system for decades on several levels. Working with Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, her amazing staff, the Director of Sin By Silence, and countless others who have been a part of making history is a dream come true for me. Only four years ago I was still in prison, my freedom continuing to elude me after 26 years. In 2008, I was forced to leave my “sisters” behind and given the honor to continue my advocacy beyond prison walls. I stand proud to be a part of the fight for justice. My life is forever changed by my experiences and it is with heartfelt appreciation I say “thank you” to each person who worked tirelessly to fight against the decades of injustice and give incarcerated survivors a chance. It is with courage, strength and bravery that AB 593 and AB 1593 have now become LAW!!!!!”

— Brenda Clubine, Founder, Convicted Women Against Abuse

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