Victory for Virgil

May 13th, 2013 In: Latest News & Updates Legislation By: Comments 0

After many months of working hard to ensure justice, the Parole Board agreed to hold a special hearing last week for Glenda Virgil and found her SUITABLE for release! This is a huge victory for this incredible survivor who has endured 39 years of abuse, 25 years in prison, and now stage 3 lung cancer. As we await news from the Governor’s office for how long the process will take for her actual release, we celebrate the fact that Virgil will officially be the first survivor released under the “Sin by Silence Bills!” Such a poetic conclusion for all of us who have journeyed together to right the wrongs for incarcerated survivors.

After 25 years, Glenda Virgil will finally be reunited with her family (pictured above). This brings the opportunity to hold her daughter, Nida, in her arms and finally meet her granddaughter, Dixie, for the first time. Yet, this will not happen without our continued help! Upon release, Virgil will not be permitted to travel and her family does not have the funds to fly from Illinois to California for the reunion. Click here to donate anything you can to ensure this family will be together the first days that Virgil becomes a free woman. All donations will go toward the costs for the trip, and every dollar raised above our goal will help cover the necessities needed as Virgil begins her new life for her final months – clothing, toiletries, food, etc.

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