The Glenda Crosley Legacy

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While we celebrate the recent release of Virgil, we are heartbroken by the news of the sudden death of our dear friend, Glenda Crosley. On July 13th, she passed away after pancreatic cancer was discovered just four week ago on a routine hospital visit. While this loss has left a huge hole in our hearts, Glenda’s daughters were able to be by her side during her last few days on life support.

Glenda’s mission in life was to share her story so that she could help prevent others from the tragic pathway she had followed. We now have a responsibility to continue to transform her dream into a legacy of hope! We have partnered with the domestic violence shelter in Glenda’s hometown of Bakersfield, CA. to make sure Glenda’s life mission is not forgotten. Glenda’s daughters have asked that any support in honor of their mother, be sent to The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault (AAFVSA) to ensure that victims seeking safety in the Bakersfield community, like Glenda once did, will have the shelter they need to courageously leave their abusive relationship.

Your donation can help Glenda’s legacy count for something more than all the years she spent behind bars. The AAFVSA will designate one of their twelve emergency shelter rooms as “The Glenda Crosley Legacy” room. Your donation will make sure that a tangible and enduring legacy for Glenda Crosley can inspire women seeking refuge to continue on their journey of freedom. For the first year of this legacy initiative, the Sin by Silence team will also make sure that each woman who stay in the Glenda Crosley room, will receive their own copy of Sin by Silence. We believe that as these women get to know Glenda’s personal story through the film, that the personal connection with this heroine will speak powerfully to them as they work to gain their independence.

Whether it’s $10 or $1000, every donation will be a way for us to affirm our solidarity with Glenda and her family. Have your organization or classroom gather funds to send in together, or send in your own personal donation – together we can guarantee that Glenda’s legacy continues to inspire fellow domestic violence survivors in the Bakersfield, CA. area and beyond.

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