Hit to Stop Domestic Violence

Nov 30th, 2009 In: Director's Notes Violence in the News By: Comments 4


You know what would be a good way to help stop domestic violence?  Well, a Danish advocacy group thinks they have the answer.  It’s a new online game entitled “Hit The Bitch” where you can simulate beating your girlfriend until she is black and blue with just the click of a button.  My blood is […]

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Daily Miracles

Oct 13th, 2009 In: Director's Notes Sin by Silence Tour By: Comments 0


“Everyday holds the possibly for a miracle.”  That is the statement over the door as you enter into Lydia’s House –  a transitional housing opportunity for women seeking refuge in the St. Louis area.  That statement is still running through my head, even after we shared the film with the 20 resident women there this […]

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Standing Room Only

Oct 10th, 2009 In: Director's Notes Sin by Silence Tour By: Comments 0


We just finished our workshop at the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence here in New Orleans, LA.  With Lynn Rosenthal, the White House Advisor on Domestic Violence and Eve Ensler, of V-Day, being the keynote speakers I have to admit that I was very intimidated about the attendance of our workshop.  We advertised […]

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A Stranger Becomes a Friend

Oct 3rd, 2009 In: Director's Notes Sin by Silence Tour By: Comments 0


Yesterday we had the amazing experience to share Sin by Silence at the New Life Center in Arizona.  As I walked through these amazing 4 acres of change, I was reminded that change is possible. About 4o women seeking refuge at this shelter were able to watch Sin by Silence and know that they mattered.  […]

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Helping a Teenager Stand Up

Sep 29th, 2009 In: Director's Notes Latest News & Updates Screenings Sin by Silence Tour By: Comments 0


Tonight mattered. Tonight we made a difference.  Tonight I was reminded why I made this film. We were at Central Arizona College, and I never imagined after my 1000th time (it feels like it) watching the film that my emotions would pour again.  At one point during Brenda’s talk after the film, she asked if […]

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Stand Up for Your Community

Sep 25th, 2009 In: Director's Notes Screenings Sin by Silence Tour By: Comments 0


Yesterday we were able to be a part of making a difference in Bakersfield, CA.  To me, bringing Sin by Silence to this community really hit home.  It is where Glenda Crosley, who is featured in the film, lived.  She was raised in this area, met her knight in shining armor and lived for 24 […]

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