Voices of Violence: I’m Taking It Back

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Dead woman walking down the well worn path that leads the way
Down that road of hate filled words and looks that kill a little, still.
And Still (and still) And still (and still ) she stays.

I’m taking it back.

My life.

No longer yours to toss around.

Like a bouy

riding waves of eggshells,

Treading fiercely just so so I won’t drown.

And I stand here stronger than I’ve been before

And I’m here to tell you I won’t take it anymore.

I can’t give my life to build you up
When all you do is tear me down.
As our children hear the words that
pierce my heart and soul.
And it’s normal to them now.

You say you’re sorry you just lost control,
Mmmmm, “lost control” is that a fact?
So why is it that you choose my things to throw
While your things are all intact.

I have to be the one to take a stand
For my son,  I will take on this fight
He’ll learn only a coward uses power and control
To make himself feel alright.

I have to be the one to take a stand
For my beautiful, wonderful daughter
She’ll learn she’s worthy of repect and love
That no one has the right to hurt her.

I have to be the one to take a stand
For myself, I’ve come to rescue me.
I’ll learn there’s more to love than all this hate.
I’ll know what it is to be free.

And I didn’t give my life to build you up
When all you did was tear me down.
As our children never have to hear those ugly words again,
It’s not normal to them now.

I’m not sticking around “til death do us part”
Because boy if you had your way.
The death would be mine… just one
word at a time.
Till my life was stripped away.

So there it all is in black and white,
To explain while we are gone.
On second thought, I’ll keep this note

I owe you none.

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One Response so far.

  1. Lori says:

    Looking to be seen:

    I am a survivor of things no one wants to talk about.
    I am a statistic of too many numbers to count.
    I am a fighter.
    I am a believer that all things are possible.
    I have hurt deeper than I thought possible.
    I have looked up at the world,
    I have stood next to the sun, and I have cried tears like rain.
    I have hidden from life.
    I have asked “why” more times than I care to admit.
    I have spoken my truths and fought for my beliefs.
    I have lost but in losing I have won.
    I am human.
    I am imperfect.
    I am as weak as I am strong.
    I am no longer silent. I am no longer hiding.
    I am looking for what everyone is looking for…to be seen!

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