Glenda Virgil is FREE!

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After many hearings and meetings at the California Capitol, over 55,000 petition signatures and countless calls into the Governor’s office, Glenda Virgil was released from prison on June 25, 2013.

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CBS News Coverage

Click here to donate and help Glenda Virgil on her journey >>

Click here to read The San Francisco Chronicle article about her release >>

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  1. Joyce Ortis says:

    Hi Glenda: I am so happy for your release after all these years. I have a very special friend who is incarcerated in Michigan for life without parole for defending herself against her abusive husband. Because of the Michigan laws no one would believe my friend, Nancy, so she is serving life without parole. It breaks my heart, so badly. Michigan and we need so much support for Nancy Seaman. So far she has exhausted all of her appeals. She was defending herself against an abusive husband.

  2. Virgil……….. I am so happy you are finally free….I think of you often,,, and
    have you in my prayers……. I can imagine the excitement you have to see your
    family.. i have been there :) I am so pleased you have this opportunity. May you enjoy each and everyday.

    love and miss you…………. i saw the video… you must be so proud of yourself…
    i sure am.
    From Brenda.Nevarez. (use to be Aris).. yes happily married….

  3. Dearest Glenda ~
    I’m so completely overjoyed to (finally!) get this good news and couldn’t be happier for you!!! May God continue to bless and keep you in His love, light and care. Keep on keepin’ on ~
    With love and aloha, Dara

  4. Ruby Gatling says:

    Dear Glenda:
    God is sooo good! May he continue to give you the strength you need to fight this illness and also give you the strength and the courage to let others know the things you endured while incarcerated. Many are behind bars who have defended themselves against a batterer who could have killed them but instead, they fought them off either out of fear or intimidation and the batterer was killed, maybe not intentionally but by some mishap that they lost their lives. Laws have to be changed in all 50 states and people have to wake up to the realization that domestic violence is alive and well in these United States. I call it a Silent Shame with Alot of Blame. Not only does it affect women, but men as well. WE all have to TALK ABOUT IT…and get it out in the open, only then can we begin the healing process and not hide behind the shame of having someone beating on you when you don’t serve the terrible treatment. We need to teach our children when they are young, not to hit when they get angry or throw temper tandrums, but most of all we have to set a good example showing love and compassion for our fellow man or woman. You are an inspiration to all and you endured so many years that you can’t get back because you can’t go back and redo the past, but you can move forward with a new life’s journey and your new found FREEDOM! God Bless.

  5. Dear Glenda, Your courage to be part of the film with other survivors is truly awesome. The stories that are now being told to the public are creating support and at long last understanding about women defending themselves and their children. All the best to you and your wonderful family. Many hugs and best wishes, Louise

  6. Hey Glenda:

    I’m happy I was able to donate to help your family get to see you. You’re free now and I hope you enjoy your time with them. You’ve been through a lot, but now you have a chance to be happy. As someone who works with women to empower them to be victors, not victims I was encouraged when I saw your story and those of the other women who were featured in the film. I wish you nothing but the best.

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